Signing contracts or applications in the field

How digitisation can make an impact

Many organisations employ representatives in the field, signing up customers or suppliers. In the past, these agreements or applications were paper based, creating significant administrative and compliance burden.

In the field can be interpreted as any location that is outside the head office support function, either in a branch or store, or by travelling sales representatives or procurement agents.

These paper based functions are no longer necessary in a digital environment.

digitising contracts 2

Supporting documents can be scanned through mobile smart devices, or laptops and computers.

The impact on the administrative burden is significant, no more waiting for forms to come back to head office, to be scanned and then the data captured into one system or another. These tasks happen digitally from any device, and the data can be automatically routed to where it needs to go.

Revenue is booked sooner, procurement items available quicker.

Protection of personal information legislation is more easily complied with.

digitising contracts 3

No more lost documents or contracts, half completed, illegible, data capture intensive processes.

All that valuable data is now in a format that will allow detailed reporting and dashboards, new levels of information to drive growth and profitability.




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